Pili Puppetry Show X Gen Urobuchi Masterpiece of Wuxia Fantasy

The Japanese-Taiwanese glove puppetry television series “Thunderbolt Fantasy: Sword Seekers” has been spectacularly released. Another masterpiece of film-television crossover!

The borderless, incomparable ceremony of puppetry art and animation!

Culture Creative is borderless. The Japanese-Taiwanese glove puppetry television series “Thunderbolt Fantasy: Sword Seekers” has been magnificently released. It is miraculously produced as an initial collaboration between Japan and Taiwan, combining “Nitroplus Gen Urobuchi”, celebrated and highly-engaged in Japanese amination industry, and Taiwanese Pili International Multimedia, a creative puppet production company of puppetry art and culture. Themed on adventurous plot, the story of “Thunderbolt Fantasy: Sword Seekers” describes the journey of the three leading characters Dan Fei (Tan Hi, Vermillion Kingfisher), Shang Bu Huan (Shō Fu Kan, Unconcerned with Dying Young), and Lin Xue Ya (Rin Setsu A, Austere Snow Crow), who step on the site of “Tower of Seven Sins”, owned by the evil villains, in order to seek and bring back the taken sword. Apart from integrating Pili’s unprecedented and stunning battle scenes into the shooting of the entire series, the adventurous, inspirational plot of protagonists’ gathering companions along the way and uniting together in order to overcome the challenges and fight against the powerful enemies as often seen in fiction stories, is also the biggest highlight of this masterpiece.

The filmmaking team of “Thunderbolt Fantasy: Sword Seekers” is quite impressive. While “Pili International Multimedia” is responsible for both film shooting and filmmaking, the design team led by “Nitroplus” is in charge of character design. “GOOD SMILE COMPANY”, a Japanese manufacturer of hobby products, is invited at the same time to serve as the consultant of puppet modeling. The cast of voice performers for this masterpiece is invincible and brilliant as well. In addition to Huang Huei-feng, son of the talented voice master “Vincent Huang”, the group of experienced Japanese animation voice actors and actresses formed by Kosuke Toriumi, Junichi Suwabe, Mai Nakahara, Tomokazu Seki, and etc. is one of the spotlights of this masterpiece. Furthermore, the theme song is sung by T.M.Revolution’s Takanori Nishikawa, the most popular musician/singer in Japan. This icing on the cake surely adds more charms to “Thunderbolt Fantasy: Sword Seekers”.

Following the preemptive release in Japan on “Wonder Festival”, the first campaign in Taiwan is going to hit the road from February 10th to 14th on “Taipei International Comics & Animation Festival”. The visitors can not only watch the exclusive clip/footage of “Thunderbolt Fantasy: Sword Seekers” but also meet the six leading characters including Mie Tian Hai (Betsu Ten Gai, Skeleton Who Scorns the Heavens), Dan Fei (Tan Hi, Vermillion Kingfisher), Shang Bu Huan (Sho Fu Kan, Unconcerned with Dying Young), Lin Xue Ya (Rin Setsu A, Austere Snow Crow), Dan Heng (Tan Ko, Vermillion Balance), and Lie Mei (Ryo Mi, Charming Huntress) in person, together with “Gen Urobuchi”, who will show up to share the highlights and features of this creation with the public at the venue. It is believed that the unique production which brings Taiwanese puppetry show and Japanese anime together will mark a brand-new milestone in the history of film and television culture.

The first season is going to be aired starting from July 8th (Friday), 2016 and to the end of September. Meanwhile, the sequel to the television series is determined to be produced. The first season is still being rebroadcasted periodically at the moment.

This series, being extremely popular among both Taiwan and Japan, is highly praised and appreciated by the audiences all over Asia. Aside from the publication of manga and the launch of multimedia franchise merchandises, the novel titled “Thunderbolt Fantasy: Sword Seekers - Extra Chapter” is going to hit the store shelves as well. A part of the side story “Sha Wu Sheng (Eradicator of Life)” is integrated with the new work of Shang Bu Huan’s short fiction written by Gen Urobuchi to develop the visualization proposal “Thunderbolt Fantasy: The Sword of Life and Death”, which is currently in intensive production. Together with the second season of the series, the creation receives much concern from the audience.

A Short Introduction to Filmmaking Team and Other Information of “Thunderbolt Fantasy: Sword Seekers”

Being highly engaged in a wide range of fields, “Gen Urobuchi” has produced lots of multi-variant works such as anime “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”, “Psycho-Pass”, tokusatsu television series (live-action film) “Kamen Rider Gaim”, and 3D CG animated movie “Expelled from Paradise”. This is the first time that Gen Urobuchi and Taiwan Pili Puppetry Show work in coordination to produce the whole new creation, with Gen Urobuchi as the general supervisor/screenwriter/creator and “Taiwanese Pili International Multimedia” as animator/producer who is also in charge of film shooting. As for character design, the design team led by “Nitroplus” is responsible for completing this formidable task. In addition, “GOOD SMILE COMPANY”, a Japanese manufacturer of hobby products, is invited to serve as the consultant of puppet modeling. The masterpiece that blends Taiwanese traditional culture with the culture of content industry in Japan is going to show the users of Japanese content industry an unduplicated film-television crossover.

Starting from puppet show, Pili International Multimedia Co., Ltd. expands its business to various consumption-entertainment fields. Its artistic, cultural achievements and entertainment commercial value enable “Pili” to become not only the overlord of Taiwanese local culture but also the pronoun of film entertainment with the most distinctive, peculiar culture.

Ever since Pili dominated the rental market of videotape and video CD in Taiwan, the company has shot, produced, and released episodes of more than 2000 hours for the TV series, the “Pili Puppet Show” and other programs. At present, the two leading domestic convenient stores, 7-ELEVEN and FamilyMart, jointly determine to sell the latest Pili episode weekly, with the popularity rate (of purchase) up to 100%. Two chapters of “Pili Series Puppet Show” are issued every week, and thanks to the stable quantity and exquisite quality of the production, Pili has become the most representative issuer and producer/maker of Taiwanese video CD. Puppetry is well-received by audience from all sectors of the community in Taiwan, and a large amount of devotees of the theater watch TV puppet series produced by Pili company. Among them, fans from the ages of 17 to 30 are even crazy about the puppet stars and plots in the play. The enthusiastic support given by the fans has turned into the “Pili trend” of the new generation. In order to establish and strengthen the relations and interactions between fans and the show, Pili International Multimedia Co., Ltd. has founded “Pili Club” for publishing monthly journals, offering customer services, and holding events on irregular basis.

Because of the valuable chance of this time’s cross-country cooperation, the most popular musician/singer in Japan, “T.M.Revolution’s Takanori Nishikawa”, is invited to perform the theme song of “Thunderbolt Fantasy: Sword Seekers”, making this outstanding production to be even more perfect. T.M.R enjoys high reputation both at home and abroad by virtue of having vocalized the theme songs for many animated cartoons. The theme song interpreted by this remarkable vocalist is definitely one of the greatest charms of “Thunderbolt Fantasy: Sword Seekers”.

Unlike the former puppet shows, the dubbing for the characters of “Thunderbolt Fantasy: Sword Seekers” is performed by the strong lineup from Japan. The group formed by the experienced Japanese animation voice actors and actresses including Kosuke Toriumi, Junichi Suwabe, Mai Nakahara, Tomokazu Seki, Daisuke Hirakawa, Tomatsu Haruka, and etc. surely gives fascination to this masterpiece.

Name of the Movie: “Thunderbolt Fantasy: Sword Seekers”

Genre: wuxia fantasy/puppetry animation/television series

Launch Date: expected to be in the summer of 2016

Originator: Thunderbolt Project

General Supervisor/Screenwriter/Story Creator: Gen Urobuchi (Nitroplus)

Puppet Manipulation/Film Shooting: Taiwanese Pili International Multimedia

Character Design: Nitroplus

Modeling Consultant: GOODSMILE COMPANY

Japanese Voice Actors: Kosuke Toriumi, Junichi Suwabe, Mai Nakahara, Tomokazu Seki, Daisuke HIRAKAWA, Tomatsu Haruka, and etc.

Taiwanese Voice Actor: Huang Huei-feng

Theme Song Vocalist: T.M.Revolution Takanori Nishikawa

Filmmaking: Thunderbolt Fantasy: Sword Seekers Project


The battle between the army of devildom and mankind is inevitable in the past. In order to fight against the evil villains, humans have forged many kinds of unbeatable weapons with strong power known as the divine weapons. After the war, the batch of these numerous divine weapons is handed to the guardians for safekeeping. And among them, “Tian Xing Sword”, the most powerful weapon, is guarded by Dan Fei and her brother Dan Heng. The sword has fallen into the hand of the evil clan led by Mie Tian Hai. Dan Fei, who possesses the sword's crossguard, escapes and meets by chance the wandering swordsman Shang Bu Huan and a mysterious man named Lin Xue Ya, who both become her protectors along the way. Drawn by the inexplicable destiny, the three companions, accompanied by the newly joined fellows who are all with diverse and distinct temperaments, step on the unknown journey that leads them to “Tower of Seven Sins”, the dwelling of Mie Tian Hai, each with his/her own clandestine intentions…


Rin Setsua / Lǐn Xuě Yā

Shou Fukan / Shāng Bù Huàn

Tan Hi / Dān Fěi

Shu Unshou / Shòu Yún Xiāo

Ken Sanun / Juǎn Cán Yún

Kei Gai / Xíng Hài

Setsu Mushou / Shā Wú Shēng

Tan Kou / Dān Héng

Ren Ki / Lián Qí

Betsu Tengai / Miè Tiān Hái

Zan Kyou / Cán Xiōng

Ryou Mi / Liè Mèi

Chou Mei / Diāo Mìng


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